Smiling Charge

Icah Wilmot, one of the local surfers here in Apple Bay riding a wave with a smile. The joy of surfing; the power, the sound, the speed. Nothing comes close.

Call Murlise at 499-4711 and ask for a taxi ride to Josiah’s Bay. Icah is a surf instructor there at a great place to learn to surf called SurfSchoolBVI.

Josiah’s Bay is located on the North Shore of the island towards the East End. It is a beautiful ride from the West End up and across the mountain roads taking about 40 minutes. Some great views and murals along the way.

The beach at Josiah’s Bay is sandy bottom for the most part, with a wave for every level of surfing experience. A great place to learn, a great place to rip.

The right side of the beach offers white water rollers to take a first surf lesson on. Outside and to the left are some fun waves for when you become comfortable with the sport.

Please learn the etiquette of surfing before going into the lineup to surf.