The Mound is Alive

tortola coal

Lump charcoal is made from local hardwoods and slow baked covered in coconut leaves and soil.

Lump charcoal
Slow Burner Airhole Exposed

A slow burning fire deep inside the mound creates the charcoal that provides for a more flavorful taste to barbecued meats, chicken and fish. The coconut palms used here on Tortola provide a hint of smokey sweetness to your barbecue.

bucket of barbaque coal
Brickets of charcoal created on island.

Let Murlise take you to a local live charcoal making mound!
Its all part of the tour, call today 499-4711.

Fish Market

Stop on by the Carrot Bay Fish market for fresh local fish that will delight your palate. Call Murlise at 499-4711 to get you there when the fish are the freshest!

Restaurants on the island of Tortola

Tortola has some really good food waiting for your enjoyment. Here is a list of some of the fine restaurants and their telephone numbers. Tortola Taxi is waiting to deliver you to any point on the island of Tortola.

Long Bay
Tropical Fusion – 346-3551

Long Bay Beach Bar and Grill

Apple Bay
D’Coalpot – 495-4998
Sebastians – 495-4212

Sabastians Restaurant

Sugar Mill – 495-4355

West End
Fish n Lime – 495-4276
Pussers West End – 495-4554
Scaramouche – 495-3443
d Best Cup – 443-7724

Carrot Bay
Bananakeet Cafe – 494-5842
Cruizin Bar and Grill – 443-7724
Stoutt’s Lookout – 442-0432

Cane Garden Bay
Myetts – 495-9649
Quito’s Gazebo – 495-4837

East towards Roadtown
Peg Leg Landing – 494-0028
Captain Mulligans – 494-0602
The Pub – 494-2608

Village Cay – 494-2771
Capriccio di Mare – 494-5369
The Dove – 494-0313
Watering Hole – 346-5950
Cabernet/LeGrand Cafe – 494-8660