Bird Watching Tortola Style

Seagull Tortola

Sit near some of the sea walls in Tortola on the North Shore and get up close with the Gulls and Pelicans that stop by. Some days you will see squadrons of Pelicans come flying in real low to work the sea for a tasty meal.

Tortola Pelican
Pelican sitting on a Sea Wall

If you are lucky enough to see and  experience the birds fishing for food, their grace and skill is amazing.

Another bird traveling thru Tortola
A Brown Booby looking for a mate in Tortola

Call Murlise at Tortola Taxi and tell her you want to go the birds! Relax and join with the beauty of nature here in Tortola.

Beauty and Peace

Rainbow in Apple Bay

Relaxing along the waters edge whether on the beach, sitting on a sea wall or in one of the many water front establishments located here on the North shore of Tortola is happiness.

sunset tortola
Sunset at Apple Bay

Call Murlise at 346-4711 to look for your sunset or other fun places to relax. Tortola Taxi Services, based in Long Bay Tortola is here to serve you on the West End of the island of Tortola