The Mound is Alive

tortola coal

Lump charcoal is made from local hardwoods and slow baked covered in coconut leaves and soil.

Lump charcoal
Slow Burner Airhole Exposed

A slow burning fire deep inside the mound creates the charcoal that provides for a more flavorful taste to barbecued meats, chicken and fish. The coconut palms used here on Tortola provide a hint of smokey sweetness to your barbecue.

bucket of barbaque coal
Brickets of charcoal created on island.

Let Murlise take you to a local live charcoal making mound!
Its all part of the tour, call today 499-4711.

Carrots and Coconuts

Delicious cakes, pastries and island deserts. Try a Boule of the West Side Bakery’s Coconut bread or a slice of moist delicious carrot cake. Breads baked daily, catch the sweet scent of a bakery, with some island spices added!

Tortola Bakery
Tortola Bakery on the West End

Call Murlise at 499-4711 for a taxi tour that includes stops at the best beaches plus many local businesses, stands and attractions. Let Murlise take you on a taxi tour where the treats have just come out of the oven and fish are coming off the boats. Get a taste of the real Tortola.

Beauty and Peace

Rainbow in Apple Bay

Relaxing along the waters edge whether on the beach, sitting on a sea wall or in one of the many water front establishments located here on the North shore of Tortola is happiness.

sunset tortola
Sunset at Apple Bay

Call Murlise at 346-4711 to look for your sunset or other fun places to relax. Tortola Taxi Services, based in Long Bay Tortola is here to serve you on the West End of the island of Tortola


Taxi Friendliness

The quality of being friendly, a rare quality in people.

Murlise’s Tortola Taxi Service offers efficient and reliable taxi service with  friendliness for free.

Murlise and her son Eddy are drivers in paradise, ready to greet you with a smile and get you where your going through the narrow and hilly roads of Tortola.

Tortola Taxi – call 499-4711

Murlise’s Taxi Service offering taxi services to all locations on Tortola.

Based in Long Bay, West End, Tortola, Murlise offers specials to the airport and ferry docks along with Dinner Rides for some fun nights out.

Murlise and her son Eddy provide reliable and efficient services for a safe and direct ride. Call 284-499-4711